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Where oh where to get that grey sticky goodness???


  1. Michaels - One of the best in-store color selections I've seen. They sell Duck Tape so the quality isn't outstanding, but still managable.
  2. Hardware store - Ace, Home Depot, OSH, etc. These usually will sell the colors for "color coding" so the color prices are a little steep, but for grey I've never found anything that price-wise comes close.
  3. Walmart- The 55 yard gray roll and the 20 yard colored roll cost about $3 each (that's what it is in Plano at least.) I've seen about eight colors, and I think they have camo also, for about $5/20 yard roll
  4. Identi-Tape - These guys are my god send. They sell ~26 different colors of duct tape at ~$6 a roll (60 yards) The down side is that if you want all of the colors, you're making a $100+ order since all the rolls are so big, but it's cheap and good selection. They also give quantity discounts based on total order $ and I usually get my order within three days on the cheapest delivery method.
  5. Stealing it from your parents (You didn't hear it from me)


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