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Ductmation Videos


This is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen done with duct tape. The concept is that you take several pictures of the same scene without moving the camera and you only move the characters a little bit between each picture. You then take all of the pictures and string them together as a really fast slideshow, also adding voices and sound effects. It is very long and time consuming, but comes out with a very cool end product.



  • For the set I used a cardboard box with one of the sides cut out and the inside completly lined with grey duct tape to allow the scenery to be peeled off easily.
  • To avoid using the flash on the camera, I also used two 60 Watt desk lamps to provide lighting. Using the flash is undesireable because the reflective nature of the duct tape will leave a very bright spot in the center of each picture.
  • To take the pictures, a tripod is almost definitly required for good results. I also used a cable release (one of those cables that come out of old cameras with the button on the end) to minimize motion blur in the pictures, since many of them are taken in low lighting with no flash.


Sample Video


Billy's Demise

A PhirePhly (Kenneth) & ISQ (Timm[ie]) Production

This video was done by Kenneth Finnegan and 4 of his classmates in his American Lit Honors class as a comical immitation of Kurt Vonnegut's writing style in the novel SlaughterHouse-5 by randomly jumping around throughout the plot with no real useful connection between the different segments.


The entire video took almost an entire weeks worth of work, mostly between Kenneth and his classmate Timm[ie]. It consisted of 50+ audio clips and taking almost 600 pictures. Building the sets and taking the 600 pictures alone took 3 days and almost 15 hours.




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