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The Duct Tape Wiki!

Tutorials about Duct Tape Art!


Duct Tape Tutorials





  • Rose - How to make a simple rose out of duct tape
  • Wallet - How to make different types of wallets
  • Tie - How to make a duct tape tie
  • Handbag - Make a bag out of duct tape to store stuff in
  • Backpack - Make a backpack out of duct tape that you can use around school
  • Tophat - How to make a sharp looking tophat out of duct tape
  • Corset - How to make a corset out of duct tape



  • Posters - The concept behind making posters out of duct tape
  • Statues - The concept behind making statues out of duct tape
  • Ductmation - Making stop-motion animations with Duct Tape



  • EmptyRolls - Ideas for using the cardboard tube once you empty a roll


Misc Pages/Links


Internal links

Gallery - Misc pictures of Duct Tape Art

External links

Tape Around - Another duct tape site with forums and a larger gallery

Wikipedia on Duct Tape - The One, the Big Cheese, the Man. Wikipedia.

Identi Tape - Best place online for duct tape


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