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The Duct Tape Gallery


One of my first major projects tracing other images with duct tape, these coming from a sandblasting stencil book my dad had gotten my mom for her birthday. (Think of it more as a gift to her so she would let him use it...) In hindsight cutting the duct tape on the window was NOT that hot of an idea, not to mention not at all comfortable. The tape also suffered huge amounts of UV damage and had to be removed with a razor blade (Even the holy WD-40 and GooGone failed me...)

- Kenneth Finnegan


Taking the sandblasting stencil book farther, I covered bottles with duct tape, cut out the pictures, and then sandblasted them. Very impressive but a lot of work (Sandblaster clogs often)

- Kenneth Finnegan


If you would like your artwork to be posted here, either become a contributer or email your artwork to Kenneth and ask him to do it for you, telling him what it is, any little blub about it you want posted, and who to credit the artwork to.

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