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Making a handbag out of Duct Tape


This is a real simple project for making a bag which I often use to keep a second change of clothes or a blanket in when I'm going out some place like the beach.


  1. Lay 5 sheets of duct tape (LayingSheets)
    1. 1 12" by 7" - This will be the bottom of the bag.
    2. 2 12" by 14" - These will be the two faces of the bag.
    3. 2 7" by 14" - These will be the two sides of the bag.
  2. Tape the 4 sides to the bottom, 12" side to 12" side and 7" side to 7" side
  3. Fold the 4 sides up and tape the 14" edges together
  4. You now have a (rather floppy) rectangular prism with the top open
  5. cut two 16" by 1" strips and staple them (taping it isn't strong enough) to the middle of the 12" by 14" faces with 2" overlap on each end and the ends 5-6" apart. This will give you handles for your bag.


You're now done! Enjoy.


  • Contributed by Kenneth Finnegan

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