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How to make a duct tape poster


This is another simple idea that takes a lot of practice.



  • Exacto knife
  • A piece of sheet glass, but really you just need something you can stick the duct tape to that you can cut on (NOT YOUR DESK!!!)
  • Some source image. I usually find a picture online and then print it.


  1. Get a source image
  2. Make a sheet of tape big enough for the image
  3. Stick a piece of tape to the glass
  4. Place source image on top of tape and trace with exacto knife
  5. Peel off piece and apply to sheet. I use the soruce image as a model, since theres a hole in the page where it should be, so just line that up
  6. Repeat 3-5 until picture is finished
  7. Some posters will need some minimal detailing with a sharpie.


  • Contributed by Kenneth Finnegan


School mascot

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