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How to make a simple duct tape rose




  1. Make the stem - I usually use heavy wire like bailing wire or garden wire for the stem, which you can pick up at garden supply stores. I then wrap the wire in a 1" wide strip of green duct tape.
  2. Make petals
    1. Cut a 2.75" piece of duct tape
    2. Fold one of the corners down, leaving 1/8" space between the corner and the opposite edge
    3. Fold the other edge down, sticking the sticky part left expossed on the side to the sticky part below it.
  3. Roll the first petal around stem
  4. Stick more petals to the center one - This is the part that takes a bit of practice. Don't expect your first few to turn out very good. You just need to get a feel for where to place each one and when to stop to make it look realistic.
    1. At first when you're sticking on the petals, pull them down so the flower opens up and doesn't look like it hasn't bloomed yet (It never will!)
      1. At this point move on to the next step
    2. Towards the end don't pull them down to give the flower the circular shape. Otherwise it just keeps opening up and falls apart on you.
  5. Continue until you're satisfied with the size/shape of it
  6. Finish it off by wrapping it in two green petals - You can also add leaves and any other decoration you like


You now have a flower that will last a LOT longer than your average living flower. Also try things like in the picture at the top where you use multiple colors and spiral them. It cannot be overstressed how it will take some practice before they look good. If your first one doesn't turn out, congrats! You're normal. Try and make another one. Think outside the box. Be creative!





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The major difference is that they cover the wire after they build the rose on it, and roll it differently. Their way might be better seeing as how our way unrolls sometimes.





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