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simple wallet

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Simple duct tape wallet




For the model wallet different colors may be used on different parts to make pictures clearer. Instructions in brackets are for if you want a secret pocket, which is good for hiding things or holding change.


1. Begin by making a 7” by 9½” sheet. [Make another.]

2. Fold the bottom of the piece almost up to the top and tape together (do not tape yet if making a secret pocket) as shown in the picture. [Put one of the long sides of the second piece down into the first and slide to the bottom. Fold the second piece down along the top of the first piece. Cut off anything that goes below the bottom of the first piece and tape like in the picture. It should look like the picture, but the part that is green in the picture should be able to fold up and out.]

3. Fold in half, and put something heavy like a few textbooks on top of it for a while. This will ensure that it does not always ‘want’ to stay open. If you want it to have a definite tendency to shut, then just be a little more extreme with the pressure you apply to it.

4. To make pockets, take one piece between ¼” and ½” longer than a credit card and another about ¾” longer than a credit card and put together as shown. Place as shown in picture of completed product. Repeat until you have as many pockets as you want.

5. Retape where you taped in step 2. This will make it look neater and make sure pockets are held on securely. Do not cover enough of the pocket to prevent putting cards in. If the pockets do not seem solid enough, then you can use one piece of duct tape to cover the middle sides of the pockets. Again, Do not cover enough of the pocket to prevent putting cards in, even if you need to cut the strip to make it thinner. [Tape over the back to close the secret pocket. However looks good.] Now you are done, the proud owner of a wallet made purely from duct tape.

If you can't see it well enough, what was the top half before the fold is red.




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